Self catering camping holidays in Slovakia

Slovakia is a superb country to visit and enjoy a self catering holiday. What could possibly be better than a luxury lodge, bungalow, chalet or log cabin to have as a base for exploring during your holiday in Slovakia. There are more than 26 self catering lodge properties to compare in Slovakia. If you know the part of Slovakia that you would like to visit then just use the menu on the right to filter just the lodges in that part of Slovakia.

Minicamping Jana, ,,Slovakia

Minicamping Jana

Liptovskiá Kokava, Liptovskií Kokava
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Tilia Camp Gacel, ,,Slovakia

Tilia Camp Gacel

DolniŻ Kubişn, DolniŻ Kubişn
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, ,,Slovakia

Starií Lesnií Rijo Camping

Starií Lesnií, Starií Lesnií
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ATC Nitrianske Rudno S.R.O., Nitrianske Rudno,Nitrianske Rudno,Slovakia

ATC Nitrianske Rudno S.R.O.

Nitrianske Rudno, Nitrianske Rudno
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Kemping Bystrina, ,,Slovakia

Kemping Bystrina

Demanovskií Dolina, Demanovskií Dolina
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Penzion-Camping Sokol, ,,Slovakia

Penzion-Camping Sokol

VysniŻ Medzev, VysíniŻ Medzev
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Camping Moongarden, ,,Slovakia

Camping Moongarden

Koviícovce, Koviícovce
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Campsite Slnecne Skaly, Rajecke Teplice,Rajecke Teplice,Slovakia

Campsite Slnecne Skaly

Rajecke Teplice, Rajecke Teplice
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Camping Dunajec, ,,Slovakia

Camping Dunajec

CerveniŻ Kliístor, ─îerveniŻ Kliísítor
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Mara Camping, ,,Slovakia

Mara Camping

LiptovskiŻ Trnovec, LiptovskiŻ Trnovec
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Villa Betula Resort, ,,Slovakia

Villa Betula Resort

Liptovskií Sielnica, Liptovskií Sielnica
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Camping Studenec, ,,Slovakia

Camping Studenec

BanskiŻ Studenec, BanskiŻ Studenec
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