Self catering camping holidays in Romania

Romania is a superb country to visit and enjoy a self catering holiday. What could possibly be better than a luxury lodge, bungalow, chalet or log cabin to have as a base for exploring during your holiday in Romania. There are more than 44 self catering lodge properties to compare in Romania. If you know the part of Romania that you would like to visit then just use the menu on the right to filter just the lodges in that part of Romania.

Campsite Timulazu, Sanmarghita,Sanmărghita,Romania

Campsite Timulazu

Sanmarghita, Sanmărghita
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Campsite Vladimir, Ciocanesti,Ciocănești,Romania

Campsite Vladimir

Ciocanesti, Ciocănești
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Camping de oude Walnoot, Mihai Viteazu,Mihai Viteazu,Romania

Camping de oude Walnoot

Mihai Viteazu, Mihai Viteazu
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Aquaris Camping, Sighisoara,Sighișoara,Romania

Aquaris Camping

Sighisoara, Sighișoara
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Campsite Zamolxe, Sarmizegetusa,Sarmizegetusa,Romania

Campsite Zamolxe

Sarmizegetusa, Sarmizegetusa
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